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Medical Treatment 2015-2016
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Goal: $100000.00 | Raised: $110.00 Started: June 8, 2011
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Funds will go towards the children's medical treatment for environmental toxicities, and multiple chemical and food sensitivities which is not covered by either OHIP or non-insured benefits. More information is available under the links.  Canadians who are slow excreters of heavy metals are discriminated against  on the basis of a  physical disabiilty(not being able to excrete heavy metals well), as their medical condition is neither diagnosed or treated by any publicly funded health care available in Canada.  No diagnostic criteria exist for acute on chronic heavy metal toxicity, there are no Clinical Guideines or Best Practice Guidelines for this,  you cannot look it up on Uptodate.com, and certainly there are no Environmental Toxicity wards in any publicly funded Canadian hospital.  Environmental toxicity is not taught in medical or nursing schools.  Let's work together to change that.  Let's ask that persons with environmental toxicities get the same access to health care in Canada, and the same sort of coverage that cancer patients,  diabetic patients, and trauma patients do.  Let's ask for equitable access to medical care.

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